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If you have been gaining back pounds after weight loss surgery, this internet mentoring program will help you to get "back on track."

Back On Track with Barbara is a membership program that provides a mentorship for those who are struggling with weight regain after weight loss surgery.  It also benefits those who have never reached their goal weight after surgery.

This is a totally Non-Judgmental Program!!! It will always be a haven to learn and get help regardless of how successful you are.  Within the group, I will not highlight and congratulate the successes and ignore those who are not.

You have your choice of two internet programs. 
The 6-month program includes 26 lessons sent to you, one every week. 

The 12-month program includes 26 lessons sent to you, one every other week.

Both programs include the following benefits available to members only:

1. Lessons emailed to you on all aspects of staying on track (see list below)

2. Homework assignments

3. Access to Archived Online Educational Seminars and a chance to participate in new ones.  Members are asked to email questions that I will be included in future seminars.

4. A members only Yahoo Group for active support and lively discussion.

5. Discounts on my products  

Would you like results like these?

I've lost 8 pounds and am back in my size 10 pants. I am back on my exercise program again. I'm feeling so much more positive about me. I'm so happy about Barbara's mentoring program. This is really what I needed to get back on track-- Sandy

Barbara, God bless you!  I have actually lost 2 lbs this week, but the best part is that I am learning to eat right and care about myself. Thank you also to everyone who has talked on this forum. I love having the teamwork and support.   --Anna

This "Back on Track" program is just what I needed to get heading back down that track of reaching my weight goal!  I have lost 5 of the gained back pounds and enjoying every ounce of your program!!  Thank you SO much, Barbara!  -- JoAnne

These lessons are a true blessing to me.  So far I have stopped gaining and actually lost 5 pounds.  I haven’t done that in a year.  Thank you.  --Marsha

I love the program!!  The lessons and the forum have been so helpful. As of today, I've lost 5 pounds!! I have 8 more to lose of my regain and 23 to get to my personal goal of 135.  Thanks so much!!  --Brenda

For me, the program has been a great success!  I've actually lost weight and have been paying closer attention to what goes in my mouth.  Keep up the great work!  --Sulinn

I just love the Back on Track Program.  All of the Lessons have great and useful information! I am without a support group and you are carrying me to my goal weight. God Bless you...I would be cooked without you! --Kathryn

I've enjoyed the program and have had great success.  I am so grateful for getting 'back on track 'and  will be using what I've learned for a lifetime. --Nancy

Here is the list of topics covered in the lessons:

Step One - Let's Get Back to Basics

Low Glycemic Index -What Next?
The Big E: Exercise and Our Love Hate Relationship
Dear Diary - Journaling to Stay on Track
Goal Setting - You Can't Get There Without a Map
When's Dinner? Dealing with Hunger
You Are What You Eat - Analyzing Nutrition
Metabolism - Our Best Friend
Pumping Iron - Strength Training
Plateaus - Our Worst Enemy
Please Pass the Potatoes - Portion Control
Taking Baby Steps
Getting Creative with Exercise
Diets and Diet Pills - Not That Again
All in the Family – Relationships
Self Image - How We See Ourselves
Do you have an Eating Disorder? If so, What to Do About It?
Those Special Times - Vacations, Restaurants
Work, Stress and Staying in Control
Water Water Everywhere
Grazing - The Tiny Bites that Are Our Undoing
A, B, C, D. Vitamins for Life
No Pain, No Gain - Ramping Up Your Exercise
Are You a Success? How do You Know?
Ready to Fly

Price is Only
$35 Per Month
for the
6-month program.
(One lesson every week)

Price is Only Only
$19.95 Per Month
for the
(One lesson every other week)

The program is ongoing so you can join anytime.

If you need any additional information, please contact my office toll free at (877) 440-1518.

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Our Refund Policy
1.  New members can request a refund up to 15 days after they initially join our group.  Refund requests should be sent to

2. Beyond 15 days, members must request termination prior to the next 30-day billing cycle. 

Our Terms of Service
This is a 6-month program that is billed $35 to your credit card monthly, or this is a 12- month program that is billed $19.95 to your credit card monthly.   Members can stop their membership at anytime prior to the next month's billing date.  New members can request a refund of their initial cost up to 15 days after joining.